Mark Zuckerberg invited you to: Facebook’s IPO

By Mohammed Islam


 *If you are new to this topic, I would suggest reading the “terms-to-know” section at the bottom of the page before you start.

It’s quite amazing that within seven short years, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has reached a valuation (according to private secondary markets) of over $100 billion.  It’s hard to believe.  But, then again, is it really?  According to Facebook’s initial public offering (IPO) filling, there are currently 850 million active monthly users.  Facebook has become a place where friends and family can communicate, gossip, and essentially share every last detail about their lives through “likes,” “relationship statuses,” “event invitations,” etc.  We spend a total of 12 billion hours per month on Facebook (I know, it blows my mind too), 20 million apps are downloaded every day, and more than half of employers actually use social networks to research potential job candidates (1).

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